Debrief: to carefully review upon completion 
(Merriam Webster 2022)

The Dance Debrief aims to review and critique dance, musical theatre and movement shows or events from Toronto, Canada and beyond. We aim to inform audiences, inspire artists, and to share great dance with the world.

At the Dance Debrief, we keep the definition of dance as open as possible.  We cover many different dance forms and styles, including those outside of what may traditionally be reviewed or critiqued. For more about our mission and influences at The Dance Debrief, click here.

Different types of reviews you might see:

  • Student Showcases / Works-in-process: The Dance Debrief will offer an overview of student performances and works-in-process, instead of a more traditional review, in order to give audiences an idea of what to expect, yet still leave room for creative processes and growth in the dance community.
  • Virtual Shows: The Dance Debrief will cover virtual shows and events from all over the world to provide access to the arts for those who are not in places to see live shows and to support the growing field of digital and virtual dance.
  • Theatre Shows: The Dance Debrief will also examine, review and critique theatre shows, focusing on their physicality, movement and staging.
  • Travel Reviews: The Dance Debrief will review shows while travelling outside of Canada to give sneak peeks into other dance scenes and communities.

Reviews are currently written by Deanne Kearney. Deanne is a dance researcher, writer and critic from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at York University in dance studies. Deanne has written for The Dance Current Magazine, Dance Magazine, Dance International and was a critic for Mooney on Theatre for three years before they closed their virtual doors due to the covid-19 pandemic. Deanne wishes to continue to cover the amazing work that the Canadian dance scene has to offer. You can find her portfolio here: DeanneKearney.com.

Seeking to grow The Dance Debrief team: Interested in editing or writing dance and theatre reviews? Email deannekearney@gmail.com.

Want your show or event reviewed? Email deannekearney@gmail.com.

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